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Posted on Aug 05, 2015

Today is my favorite day. August 5th. It’s the day that I get to look into my husband’s eyes and tell him (like I do often!) that I’m happy to be married to him, that I love him more than ever and that I would choose him all over again. 15 years ago today, I was a very tiny, nervous, and in love, 19 year old and I walked down an aisle towards a very tall, awkward, and in love, 23 year old. We knew absolutely nothing except for the fact that we would literally lay down our lives for each other and we both have done that again and again over the course of these 15 years.

While in Paris a couple months ago, we had a special photo session done at the Trocadero, looking out onto the Eiffel Tower. It was absolutely surreal and I am very thankful to our photographer Stacey Reeves for these priceless photos that we will cherish forever.

Paris2 Paris3 Paris4


Posted on Jul 25, 2015
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Just a sneak peek for one of my most favorite families :)


Christmas is right around the corner!! Please use this link to inquire about a family session for updated family photos!!

Posted on Jul 14, 2015
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This family was just so lovely, so fun and so relaxed. That isn’t an easy combination to achieve when you have a toddler and a newborn! But this mom is full of grace and I can see how blessed they feel to be a family. I shot way too many photos this session, and enjoyed every one of them. Check out baby brother’s nursery, what an amazing space to live in, full of personal touches and all done by his very talented mommy!!


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Posted on Jul 06, 2015

Instead of each day wondering what kind of photo to take, I wake up wondering what memory I will want to freeze. Each day has it’s own joy and I want photos that we can look back on and remember what happened…



Like how we found a perfectly intact butterfly while we camped in Tahoe (which unfortunately, one of us pulled an antenna off of it!)




Like how it is still light outside when it’s time for the kids to get ready for bed…




Like how my nephew eats his apple, sinking his teeth into it over and over until the apple is barely eaten and it’s forgotten in the grass… July1-3web




Like how we made a special trip to Home Depot to pick out a cactus and amazingly it is still alive after a few weeks…




Like how restrictions on sugar are very few and far in-between…and that’s ok because they run it off in the sprinklers, pool or bikes…




And when Captain America waved to them at the 4th of July parade, putting a smile on their faces…




Click here to see what my friendĀ Renata’s Summer looks like in Ireland! And then be sure to follow along all our blog links to complete our 100 Days of Summer circle!



Posted on Jun 30, 2015

This challenge is beginning to be much more eclectic than I set out for it to be! Instead of just capturing Summer images, I’m finding myself capturing moments I just want to remember. That is why I take photos in the first place, for myself or for other people. So we can remember.











Posted on Jun 14, 2015

Once June 1st came, I quit numbering my 100 days and just went to labeling them the date they were taken! I do know by now I’ve officially been shooting daily for three weeks…and I still love it. Here’s what has been happening since June 1st.

June 12web

June 11-5web-2











Posted on Jun 11, 2015
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She was born only 20 minutes after I got to the birth center. Her mommy is pretty amazing and I was honored to be there. Welcome to the world sweet baby girl!

ps. Interested in having your birth experience captured? Please click here so we can chat about birth photography!

Sacramento birth photographer Sacramento birth photographer Sacramento birth photographer

Posted on Jun 07, 2015
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He’s already four weeks old now…the days go by way too quickly (especially for his parents, but also for his Aunt who loves him so much!) But here he is at one day old… (see his mommy’s maternity session here.)



Posted on Jun 06, 2015
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This photo was taken towards the end of our session together, she needed just a bit of a sit down with Daddy :)


Posted on Jun 05, 2015

6 days old and very much loved…


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